How can your purchase make our planet greener?

How can your purchase make our planet greener?

Want to plant a tree with your purchase? We already do that!

Not only do we plant a tree with Tree Era Co. for every Family Tree purchased, we also give you the option to plant an extra one!

Not ready to create your own Family Tree yet? That's okay, because we also plant a tree for every $20 purchase (before taxes) in hand-pressed prints, clothing, and stickers.

We planted 137 trees in 2022. Help us double that in 2023! Personalize your family tree today or spend $20 before taxes on hand-pressed prints to help us reach our goal.

Why do we commit to planting trees? The founders of S+S have backgrounds in Environmental Science and Forestry. Being sustainable and helping create a greener Earth are very important to the company.

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To learn more about Tree Era Co. and their initiative, check them out here!

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