Create a gallery wall

How to Create a Gallery Wall featuring your Family Tree

You just ordered a personalized Family Tree from us. Now what? How do you display it? 

We have a few ideas on how to showcase your new Family Tree wall art in a gallery wall. First, you should map our the WHAT, WHERE, WHY, and HOW to help you better plan for displaying your family wall.


What is a gallery wall? A gallery wall features photos and images that are important to you. They might be photos of your family, friends, important milestone moments, or meaningful places. What other images do you want to display beside your Family Tree?

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Before you plan out your gallery wall, you should consider where you want it to be. Things like lighting, and the feel and intimacy of the room may influence the other images you want to display with your Family Tree, and how big you want the other images to be.

Some example locations could be:

  • In the living room above the couch
  • In the living room on a blank wall
  • Beside a bookshelf
  • In a bedroom above the bed
  • In a bedroom above a dresser
  • In a nursery
  • In an entryway
  • In a hallway
  • In a stairway
Gallery wall above couch


Why create a gallery wall?

  • Is it a wall that you want guests in your home to be wowed by?
  • Or do you want to create a gallery wall that is more personal?

Answers to these questions will help with deciding where to place the gallery wall, what other images you want to go with your Family Tree, and how big you want those images to be.


This is where is comes down to layout!

  • How big do you want it to be?
  • Do you like symmetry?
  • How many images in total are you including?
  • How big are the other images in the gallery wall?
  • Are you going to use the same colour and style of frame for all images, or different colours and styles?
See below for some suggestions on how to display your gallery wall! In all the following examples, the largest framed image is 4:5 ratio (16x20 inches) and would be your Family Tree.
Perfect gallery wall, gallery wall exampleGallery wall black frames
Symmetrical gallery wall, gallery wall white framesWhite frame gallery wall
Symmetrical gallery wall, gallery wall wood framesBalanced gallery wall, wood frames

Practical Tips

  • Make sure the spacing between your frames is consistent.
  • Measure from where the nail would be on the back of your frames.
  • Use paper as a stencil (either a large piece or several pieces tapes together). Create the layout on paper and mark where the nails would be on the frames. Tape the paper to the wall and put your nails in the spots you've marked on your paper.

Most importantly, have fun! Take a look at your space and make your own layout or build off of one of the examples I've provided!
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