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New name who dis?

New name who dis?

I've been going back and forth internally about whether or not Sapwood and Soot should change our business name. The name Sapwood and Soot has meaning, but I have received feedback from several people that it's not an easy name to remember, and I also worry that it doesn't connect to the Family Trees that we create.

“Sapwood" is an inner portion of a tree.
“Soot" was chosen because soot is a  by-product of the process of revealing the rings on each piece of wood. Soot was also a key ingredient in ink historically, and we use ink to create all of our hand-pressed prints.

Business rebrand and change their names all the time, so I figured we should explore the option as we continue to grow and evolve our business. 

Moving forward, we will mainly be focusing on our Family Tree line and want our name to reflect that. We have brainstormed and come up with a few options and we want to hear from you, our loyal customers and fans, first!

Take the poll HERE to help us choose! Feel free to leave a comment if you have an amazing idea for a name you'd like us to consider.

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